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Set of three Mesotel for external use
Product description:
Promotion! Special for Europe!
Only from 1 to 30 September set of Mesotels for external use: Mesotel for body, Mesotel for hair and scalp and Mesotel for face and neck on special price!
Special offer
Contain peptides
Our offers
Sales and discounts
50 ml / 50 ml / 50 ml
Expiry date
to November 2019
Products description

Mesotel for body  anti-age effect, smoothing of small folds, skin moistening, increase in skin elasticity, improvement of skin texture, lifting effect, anti-cellulite action.

Mesotel for face and neck  anti-age effect, small wrinkle smoothing, skin moistening, skin elasticity increase, improvement in skin texture.

Mesotel for hair and scalp  stimulates hair growth, prevents an early canities and hair loss, prevents appearance of dandruff, strengthens hair follicles, increases hair elasticity, improves head skin condition.

Mesotel for body  1 packing
Mesotel for face and neck  1 packing
Mesotel for hair and scalp  1 packing
21 euro*/500 points
Regular price is 36 euro*.
Your discount will be 15 euro.

The number of products for the promotion is limited!
*The price is valid only if you buy products in Europe. For more information about prices in other countries, you should connect with your dealerships.

Special offer Yes
Contain peptides No Other products
Our offers Sales and discounts
Brand Mesotel
Bulk 50 ml / 50 ml / 50 ml
Points 500
Expiry date to November 2019
Article 3000544

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