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22.02.2019 Already on sale: Cytogens and ‘Rinolax’
Уже в продаже: Цитогены и «Ринолакс»
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Sale. Sampler Reviline Pro revitalizing face cream
Product description:
Promotion! Special for Europe!
Only from 6 to 30 September Cream Probes Reviline PRO on special price!
Special offer
Contain peptides
Our offers
Sales and discounts
3 ml
Expiry date
24 months from date of issue
Package contents
Package price:
0,80 EUR
Products description

Reviline PRO — a basic series of skin care products with short peptides which include skin rejuvenation mechanisms. Reviline pro facial creams may be considered as future cosmetics, as they combine advanced developments in the field of cosmetics and anti-aging medicine.

Sampler Reviline PRO — Revitalizing face cream

Sampler Reviline PRO — same 2 items
0,8 euro*/ Regular price is 1,6 euro
Your discount will be 0,8 euro.

The number of products for the promotion is limited!
*The price is valid only if you buy products in Europe. For more information about prices in other countries, you should connect with your dealerships.

Special offer Yes
Contain peptides Yes Other products
Our offers Sales and discounts
Brand Reviline
Bulk 3 ml
Expiry date 24 months from date of issue
Article 3000577

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