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Product description:
Reliable help to digestive tract.
Digestive tract / Intoxications
Contain peptides
120 ml
Expiry date
to November 2022
Products description
Highly effective medicine on the basis of natural components normalizes activity of digestive tract, has the ambient effect on the mucous membrane of a stomach, thereby making protective barrier, interfering action of aggressive components and pathogenic flora. Stimulates growth and activity of useful intestinal microflora, improves vermicular movement, renders spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective and soft choleretic actions.

  • peptic ulcer disease,
  • acute and chronic gastritis,
  • colitis, diarrhea, enteritis,
  • heartburn and increased abdominal distension,
  • bile congestion,
  • hyporexia.

Water, apple juice concentrate, lactulose, fructose, concentrate of chokeberry juice, sodium alginate, marigold flower extract, licorice root extract, citric acid (acidity regulator), chamomile flower extract, extract of the herb St. John's wort, extract of aloe vera, marshmallow root extract, herbal extracts of peppermint, yarrow herb extract, fennel seed extract, preservatives: potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.

Recommended as a source of the lactulose, glycyrrhizic acid, anthracenederivatives containing polyphenolic connections.

How to apply:

Adults and children older 14 years by one teaspoon (5ml) 2 times a day with meal. Duration of reception is 2-3 weeks. 3-4 repeated receptions within a year are possible.

Presence of natural deposit is acceptable. Shake well before use.

Purpose Digestive tract / Intoxications
Contain peptides No Other products
Bulk 120 ml
Points 480
Expiry date to November 2022
Article 7210153
Reviews: 0
In stockIn stock

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