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Product description:
New generation natural antidepressant.
Nervous system
Contain peptides
30 tablets by 710 mg
Expiry date
to December 2021
Products description
Medicine renders favorable impact on activity of organism cardiovascular and nervous systems. Contains the following amino acids - extracts of carnation buds, grass of basil and cinnamon, B group vitamins, folic acid and calcium pantothenate, which has an important role in maintenance of normal immunity functioning. Biological complex 'Felicita' helps to accelerate chemical reactions proceeding in organism, optimize thought processes, support energy metabolism and tone of vessels. 

Medicine influence on mental activity consists in removing strong psychoemotional pressure caused by frequent stressful situations and excessive physical activity. During acute attacks of neuroses helps to facilitate a state, normalizing the "sleep-wake" cycle and partially eliminate physical symptoms (violation of cardiac rhythm, perspiration, etc.) related to disease.

  • in period of strong psychoemotional pressure,
  • neuroses, apathy, depression and chronic fatigue,
  • physical and intellectual activities.


Magnesium carbonate, MCC (carrier), vitamin premix (vitamins: C, B1, B6, B12, PP, calcium Pantothenate, folic acid, Biotin), cloves, Basil, lecithin, cinnamon, tyrosine, arginine, phenylalanine, 5-HTP, calcium stearate (antiscatterer).

How to apply:

Adults and children older 14 years by 1 tablet a day, with meal. Duration of reception is 4-6 weeks. Repeated receptions are possible if necessary. Repeated receptions within a year are possible (autumn and spring). 

Purpose Nervous system
Contain peptides No Other products
Bulk 30 tablets by 710 mg
Points 780
Expiry date to December 2021
Article 7210593
Reviews: 0
In stockIn stock

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