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Product description:
New generation chemo- and radioprotector.
Oncologic diseases / Intoxications
Contain peptides
200 ml
Expiry date
to July 2022
Products description
One of the main methods of oncological diseases treatment is chemoradiotherapy. It lies in use of medicines, containing toxic connections, and radioactive radiation for the purpose of cancer cells destruction and prevention of their further division. Nevertheless, in view of chemotherapy inability to have purposeful effect, in the course of treatment suffer not only damaged but also healthy cells that results in the side effects, considerably aggravating condition of patient. Besides, complications related to chemotherapy can pose a threat for life of weakened patients, considerably limiting opportunities and reducing efficiency of treatment. Important task for modern medicine is development of means and medicines, capable to protect healthy cells and body tissues from impact of damaging factors (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) and to increase efficiency and tolerance of treatment. One of such means is REVIPLANT®.

It is the complex medicine having detoxifying, antioxidant, hepatoprotective and radioprotective features. It protects healthy cells, which are not involved in tumoral growth, from cytotoxic influence of the DNA-connecting chemotherapeutic medicines (alkylating, MMC, Pt medicines), reducing probability of gemato-, nefro-, neuro and ototoxic reactions emergence, which are observed while chemotherapy, that allows to improve tolerance of treatment considerably and increase their efficiency. Medicine shows hepatoprotective properties while radiotherapy.

Effects of REVIPLANT medicine are defined by features of amino acids: leucine, valine, arginine, isoleucine and taurine, providing activation of oxidation-reduction processes in liver, stabilization of hepatocytes membranes, normalization of mitochondrions functions, formations of free amino acids pool and their derivatives, and also protein synthesis in liver. The complex of amino acids has stimulating effect, increases endurance, promotes recovery after radiation and toxic substances influence. Besides, amino acids are initial substance of protein synthesis and endogenous bioregulators, that allows to restore metabolism after treatment.

One of the most frequent consequences of chemotherapy is development of an immunodeficiency. Considerable weakening of immune system functions deprives organism an ability to fight independently against tumor cells, that creates additional conditions for their activity. REVIPLANT allows to induce the natural, genetically programmed process of sick cells destruction, that eventually promotes increase in efficiency of chemoradiotherapy.

  • prevention and compensation of secondary immunodeficient conditions, caused by radiation and chemical factors,
  • increase in organism resistance to intoxication, infections, radiation,
  • for improvement of cancer carrier state,
  • correction of metabolic processes, reduction of pain syndrome,
  • improvement of chemotherapy tolerance,
  • increase in efficiency of cancer treatment.


Water, fructose, concentrated juice rosehip, valine, arginine, citric acid (E330, acidity regulator), taurine, artichoke extract, rosehip extract, leucine, isoleucine; burdock extract, an extract of Rhaponticum, fungus extract, preservatives: sodium benzoate (E211) and potassium sorbate (E202).

How to apply:

Adults and children older 14 years by 1 teaspoon (5,25 g) 2 times a day with meal. Duration of reception is 1 month. 3-4 repeated receptions within a year are possible. 

Purpose Oncologic diseases / Intoxications
Contain peptides No Other products
Bulk 200 ml
Points 1800
Expiry date to July 2022
Article 7210452
Reviews: 0
In stockIn stock

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