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The new word in peptide bioregulation - linguals
12.09.2020 The new word in peptide bioregulation - linguals
Новое слово в пептидной биорегуляции — лингвалы
10.09.2020 The latest 'Reviform ® cocktail' is on sale!
Обновленный «Peвиформ® коктейль» уже в продаже
10.09.2020 New promotion for partners and consumers in Europe!
Новая акция для партнеров и потребителей Европы!
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Product catalog
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Product description:
Catalog contains detailed description of the offered production and recommendations about use of peptide or non-peptide preparations.
111 pages
Products description
Catalog contains a concise description of products, recommendations for use and information about the active components of preparations, presented in the form of capsules, tablets and liquid solutions; functional foods and cosmetics. From the introductory articles you will learn about the history of Peptides, its main activities, basic series and characteristics of key products. In addition, for your convenience, in the new edition there is a consolidated list of peptide codes.
Bulk 111 pages
Article 8100026
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