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Peptide complex 17  for eyes
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Product description:
Peptide complex for visual analyzer. Contains peptides vessels, brain, ocular globe.  
Contain peptides
10 ml
Expiry date
to June 2022
Products description

The new generation of natural peptides for external application which does not have analogs in world practice. These are configurations from extremely high-purity peptide fractions, capable to get through any physiological barriers without intermediaries. The Peptide Complexes (PC) are necessary to apply on internal surface of forearm in a projection onto vein course and rub till full absorption. In 7-15 minutes peptides are linking together with dendritic cells, which transfer them to lymph nodes, where peptides do 'transfer' and move with blood flow to the necessary organs and tissues. The gained effect may remain from 4 to 6 months after 2-4 months medicine use. After this term is recommended to resume the course.

Peptide complex for visual analyzer. Contains peptides  vessels, brain, ocular globe.  

  • prevention of presenilation,
  • retina angiopathy due to hypertension and diabetes,
  • retinal detachment and degeneration,
  • optic nerve atrophy,
  • initial stages of glaucoma and cataract,
  • pathology of vitreous humor,
  • accommodation spasm.

Purified water, glycerin, bioantioxidant complex Neovitin, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin, propylele glycol, xanthan gum, peptide complex A-3, A-5, A-11, essential oil of chamomile.

How to apply:

Apply 6-8 drops on internal surface of forearm and rub till full absorption. Course duration is 3 months. It is possible to use 6 peptide complexes simultaneously.

Purpose Intoxications
Contain peptides Yes Other products
Bulk 10 ml
Points 600
Expiry date to June 2022
Article 7150174
Reviews: 0
In stockIn stock

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