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Revilab SL gift set
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Product description:
Peptide complexes for sublingual application.
Contain peptides
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10 substances by 10 ml
Expiry date
2 years from date of issue
Products description

Peptide complexes for sublingual application.

The first series of multicomponent peptide medicines for sublingual application created for the purpose of prevention of various systems and organs functioning violations, correction already existing diseases. The efficiency of similar reception form is caused by the fact that medicine, getting to hypoglossal space with dense capillary network is capable to get directly into the blood-groove, passing absorption through mucous membrane of digestive tract and metabolic primary liver deactivation. Taking into account direct hit in a system blood-groove, the effect is much faster than taking medicine peroraly.

Components of medicines Ч peptides and extracts of phytogenesis. They are perfectly combined in medicines of the Revilab SL series and selectively influence the prime cause of diseases, and also effectively prevent organism presenilation.

Full range of Revilab peptide SL in gift set:

Revilab SL 01 Ч for cardiovascular system

Revilab SL 02 Ч for nervous system and eyes

Revilab SL 03 Ч for immune and neuroendocrine system

Revilab SL 04 Ч for support-locomotion system

Revilab SL 05 Ч for digestive tract

Revilab SL 06 Ч for respiratory system

Revilab SL 07 Ч for hematopoietic system

Revilab SL 08 Ч for urinary system

Revilab SL 09 Ч for male organism

Revilab SL 10 Ч for female organism

How to apply:

Adults by 1 capsule a day, with meal. Course duration is 4-6 weeks. Repeated receptions within a year are possible if necessary.

Contain peptides Yes Other products
Our offers New / Recommended
Brand Revilab
Bulk 10 substances by 10 ml
Points 6000
Expiry date 2 years from date of issue
Article 7095011
Reviews: 0
In stockIn stock

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