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Product catalog
Peptides Product Catalog 2022
07.07.2022 Peptides Product Catalog 2022

We are pleased to announce that the updated Peptides Product Catalog is available for purchase

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The use of peptide bioregulators in dentistry
26.07.2022 The use of peptide bioregulators in dentistry

Despite the high level of development of modern dentistry, problems with teeth and oral cavity occur often and cause a lot of difficulties...

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PEPTIDES Pencil (black)
Product description:
Peptides logo pencils are a fashionable and functional gift. They perfectly present the company and will last long enough.
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Catalog item
Products description
We are pleased to present you new souvenir products: pencils with the Peptides logo. They went on sale in two colors — black and white, equipped with a hard-soft lead (HB) and are delivered sharpened. Pencils are made of natural biodegradable material. By opting for environmentally friendly writing materials, you can not only demonstrate your commitment to the values ​​of our company, but also make your own contribution to the protection of nature.
Color black
Catalog item PEPTIDES Pencil
Article 8900416

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