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New edition - brochure Synergy of natural peptides electronic version
10.11.2021 New edition - brochure Synergy of natural peptides electronic version
Brochure Synergy of natural peptides. Natural peptide complexes is available for download
08.11.2021 Work schedule for online store
Opening hours of the online store in November
01.11.2021 Special offer: peptide complexes in the sublingual form of application
Lingual complexes of the "Cytomax" class contain 3 types of natural peptides, each of which can affect a specific organ or organ system
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Bamboo toothbrush Revidont (red)
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Product description:
It is made of nylon pile, stiffness is medium, thickness of pile 0.15 mm; the handle is made of bamboo.
Other product options:
Oral cavity pathologies
Products description

Peptides company is responsible for environmental issues. It is very important for us so that you could use a high-quality and safe products, and could also contribute to the protection of nature. We present to you Revidont bamboo toothbrush, a high-quality product for those who care about their health and environment.

The toothbrush has a stylish design, made of natural, eco-friendly material bamboo. It does not swell, does not dry, the handle does not slide in hand. It promotes rapid removal of dental plaque and carefully cleans tooth enamel without injuring gums. Bristle is medium-stiff and is made of Nylon polymer.

  • thoroughly cleans teeth and does not damage enamels,
  • provides high-quality cleaning in interdental spaces,
  • provides mild massage of the gums, improving blood microcirculation,
  • does not injure gums,
  • easily and painlessly removes plaque.
Main Components:

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that does not swell or dry. In addition, it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. That is why the balance of the planet 's forest fund is not disturbed in the manufacture of bamboo products.

Nylon ― polymer, possesses durability and endurance at friction; it is distinguished by its high cleaning ability.

Method of application:

Toothbrush is intended for adult use. Wash a toothbrush in warm running water before use.

It is recommended to change the toothbrush once every three months and every time after illness.

Purpose Oral cavity pathologies
Color red
Brand Revidont
Points 120
Catalog item Bamboo toothbrush Revidont
Barcode 4627099311464
Article 7510051
Reviews: 0
In stockIn stock

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